Our new vets near Oswestry offers an efficient, caring service with remarkable value for money.

At our new vets in St Martins we offer consultations by appointment from 9am each morning and from 4-5 each afternoon. If your pet is sick or injured we will do our best not to rack up unnecessary bills but at the same time sort out the problem efficiently.

When it comes to disease prevention I believe our vaccinations are the best value of any vets in Oswestry or the surrounding area. For example:

Course of puppy vaccinations:  £30

Dog booster:  £20

Cat booster:   £19.50 flu/enteritis;  £24 with FeLV

We will neuter all domestic pets and perform operations such as tumour removals and dentals.

We can take blood samples and get results the same day from the laboratory at our Llangollen surgery.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service - extra charges apply of course. Your pet will be attended by your usual vet either at the Rhyn Park surgery or at Dee Valley Vets in Llangollen.